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Earrings and Eardrops: How to Pick Them

Never get overwhelmed at the accessories department again. Well, you still might be, but knowing what types of earrings or eardrops will look good on your face will narrow down your choices.

Yep, just like with every item of things we put on to look pretty, earrings has all its varieties because women have varied faces. What looks good on your sister might not look good on you, and vice-versa. If you’re the sort who doesn’t like to lend things, you’re probably glad you and your sister don’t have the same face, aren’t you?

The face shape. It comes down to that. Whether you can wear that hoop or not depends on your face shape. If you have a round face like me, you can’t wear hoops. Sorry. But hey, hoops that stay sideways on your ears are OK! They’ll just look like lines then, right? It’s only when you have great big circles beside your great big round face that it doesn’t look good.

·         When it comes to outfits, geometric shapes complement each other. That’s the rule of thumb for your earrings.

·         Don’t match a square face with square or rectangle earrings. Go for ovals and hoops to soften your angles. Button earrings fit a square face well. Having a circle right where your jaw has a corner looks great.

·         Don’t match a heart-shaped face to triangle or pointy earrings. Hoops and squares look best on heart-shaped faces.

·         An oval face can pull off all shapes of earrings and eardrops, but long oval faces need width on the cheeks using hoops or squares.

·         A round face does best with vertical designs that lengthen the face and doesn’t add width to the cheeks.

Studs are versatile, but if they’re big enough, they’re no longer studs but button earrings, and you would need to follow the shape rules above.

Good earrings can be your only accessory and still deliver enough punch to make people compliment you. Like with all pieces we wear, go for understated but polished designs. You don’t always have to match your earrings to your outfit. White or yellow gold are always timeless and versatile classics. I don’t mention silver because silver can tend to stain your piercings.

·         Always test the weight of your earrings. Your earlobes don’t go to the gym and there’s no exercise to strengthen them. Sagging earlobes aren’t pretty.

·         If you wear a particularly nice pair you know you’ll want to show off, put your hair out of the way instead of always having to tuck it behind your ears!

My next article will outline how to find the best sexy shoes for women.